Gee, You Are You! (funnygurusdca) wrote in overheardincali,
Gee, You Are You!

Here it came -- and there it went!

Make that "Overhead in Cali" ...

I'm pretty sure I just saw that satellite that the U.S. is planning to shoot down next week, before it crashes!

On the Channel 8 6:30 pm news, they said it would be visible in the San Diego skies, beginning at 6:34 pm, for a only a few minutes, traveling rapidly from Southwest to Northeast.

The Navy plans to fire a missile from a ship somewhere in the Pacific Ocean to destroy the satellite. I hope they're a damn good shot because that thing was really haulin' ass across the sky!
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LOL! Go kitty, go!

I heard that once the Shuttle returns to Earth and is safely out of the way, the ship will fire a missile. If that attempt misses, there are other ships ready with missiles.

I hope that whether Kitty or the Navy gets it, that they'll be awarded with their choice of any of the lovely stuffed animals on the top two shelves!
hmm which day would that be? I'd love to see it.


February 19 2008, 21:51:45 UTC 10 years ago Edited:  February 20 2008, 00:17:44 UTC

It will fly over tonight 02/19/08.

It will rise above the horizon at 6:10 pm, traveling from the West-Southwest. It will dip below the horizon in the East-Northeast at 6:17 pm.

If you miss it tonight, I don't know if the Navy will have shot it down by the time it's due again over our local skies on Wednesday - but there's a lunar eclipse that night.