Just your friendly neighborhood geek-girl (merry_rogue) wrote in overheardincali,
Just your friendly neighborhood geek-girl

Overheard on the bus

So in taking public transportation to class earlier this afternoon, I was joined by a few students from the local high/middle school, that just got out, on their way home. Two girls sat behind me, both black and appeared to be freshman age.

They got to talking, rather loudly, about swear words as one of them had apparently gotten in trouble for cursing in class.

Anyway, this part made me chuckle a little:

Girl 1: "What's wrong with saying 'ass'?"
Girl 2: "I know. Really!"
Girl 1: "It's not like I meant it like a butt or something."
Girl 2: "Didn't Jesus have an ass?"
Girl 1: "Yeah, he did! He rode a donkey! If Jesus can say 'ass' I can too."
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