Just your friendly neighborhood geek-girl (merry_rogue) wrote in overheardincali,
Just your friendly neighborhood geek-girl

I'm so going to Hell for this one

While working the registration line at a convention last month in Long Beach, I saw/overheard this one:

A woman who had no arms (Her hands came straight out of her shoulders--More likely the unfortunate birth defect caused by her mother taking an injection of Delalutin to prevent a miscarriage) was desperately searching for her party in the crowd of thousands of people waiting to get through registration. Every now and then she walked past me, standing on her toes, trying to peer over the crowd.

Eventually she came by me again while talking on her cell phone and (I suppose) out of frustration she yelled out, "Would you like me to jump up and down, waving my arms?!"

I stifled back a smirk, picturing the poor lady waving her non-existent arms, and have felt guilty for it ever since. -_-
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